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Alice® Direct-to-glass Digital Ceramic Printing enables any design to be reproduced in glass. GGI’s Alice 2.0 machine, powered by Dip-Tech, is the largest, most accurate direct-to-glass digital printer available. It creates the sharpest images possible, even with complex artwork, photorealistic images, and fine text.

More about this product

Ceramic frit is digitally jetted onto the surface of the glass, and then baked into the glass during the tempering process. The result is durable, decorative glass that is ideal for both exterior and interior installations.

Alice® Direct-to-glass Digital Ceramic Printing by GGI offers significant benefits over traditional silk-screening:

– Cost-effective for small quantities – No screen charges or setup fees

– Printing a single sheet is no problem – No need to rely on economies of scale

– Get over-sized prints, with large-format printing – Up to 110” x 236”

– Achieve finely detailed images, with higher-resolution printing – Up to 720 dpi

– Ideal for even the largest decorative glass installations – Highly accurate registration enables continuous images across multiple panes

– Incorporate thousands of shades, colors and gradations in designs

– Integrate multiple opacities on a single piece of glass

– Reprints are easy – With digitally controlled color matching and no need for archived screens

Choose a ready-to-print pattern from among our exclusive collections, designed specifically for Alice® Direct-to-glass Digital Ceramic Printing. Or, order a custom print of your own design. GGI’s in-house experts in design for digitally printed glass are available to assist you.

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